Surely every person who leaves a driving school cannot wait to get behind the wheel of their own car. However, as a rule, when left alone with the road, novice drivers might lose all the initial exhilaration and confidence if there is no sensitive guidance and the help of an instructor.

When driving somewhere for the first time even in a very safe car like Nissan Rogue, it is necessary to overcome the excitement and try to maintain self-control. Do not be afraid to admit that you are an inexperienced driver, because we all were at some point just starting out to drive a vehicle. Furthermore, you might also want to notify other drivers on the road about the fact that you a novice by putting the ā€œLā€ sticker on the rear window of the car.

During the first trips, it is desirable to minimize extraneous stimuli. For example, do not take with you children or passengers. The presence of other people can both hamper and distract, and cause an inappropriate desire to show off. While driving, you should avoid talking on your mobile phone, even if it is equipped with a wireless headset. In case you need to answer a phone call, the best solution is to pull over and only then use the phone.

When driving, you should be focused on the road ahead, rather than constantly looking at the hood and the instrument cluster. It is important to monitor the situation that takes place behind the car too, evaluating it via the side & rearview mirrors. Do not forget that the car riding behind can get into the “blind” zone, and therefore you need to periodically look behind your shoulder.

Special care should be taken in crowded places – near schools, bus stops, shopping centers. In these places, an unexpected appearance of careless pedestrians is very much possible, so you should slow down beforehand and be ready to hit the brakes at any time.

It is desirable not to change lanes much and keep the appropriate distance to the car ahead. Your maneuvers should be predictable and carried out without haste.

When driving at high speed, do not enter the intersection, focusing only on traffic lights or signs. It is important to bear in mind that, for example, an inadequate driver may be traveling along and thus cause an accident. Surprises can also be expected on sections of the road with reduced visibility. When approaching such places, it is necessary to lower the speed and be ready to brake.

Approximately, after half a year, your driving skills will start to automate. Having more or less learned the car & and traffic on the road, a novice driver starts feeling confident. They inevitably get a desire to demonstrate their imaginary skills perhaps even off road if they drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle like Ford Escape and that is why during this period there is a sharp increase in the probability of getting into an accident. Therefore, it is important to monitor these desires and not risk trying to show everyone what good of a driver you are.